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Heidi B.

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We have been a part of the Special Beginnings Family since 2001 starting at the Olathe Center and moving to the Lenexa center in 2004.  All four of my children have attended or are attending Special Beginnings.  My older three were all prepared for kindergarten and have done quite well in school.  I feel that is due to the educational foundation that the teachers at Special Beginnings built for them when they were young.  They were provided with a wide variety of experiences to enhance their learning.  They created so many wonderful art projects, learned so many songs, and made wonderful friendships.  In fact, my 8 year old met her best friend at Special Beginnings when they were toddlers.  The teachers are fantastic, kind, and caring.  They truly knew my kids.  My youngest has had some interesting health issues and the staff has been amazing and have learned when concerns need to be escalated.  I am extraordinarily grateful for the regular developmental screenings that are completed.  Because of this, my youngest was able to be connected with additional services to help her speech.  Special Beginnings creates magical memories for families.  My older kids love looking at their pink hearts from the Week of the Young Child activities at the center.  The family events have been so much fun.  The holiday programs and graduation ceremonies are absolutely memorable.  The staff at Special Beginnings creates a wonderful environment for children and families. Special Beginnings prepares children academically to be ready for school, provides a loving environment, and helps them learn important social skills to be successful in life. I feel very fortunate that we are there.

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