special beginnings

Our program

2 ½ - 4 Years

  • With daily routines established, emphasis is placed on individual skills of staying on-task and learning how to interact and behave in a group setting.
  • Staff/parent conversations informing the parent about their child’s day and Daily Information Sheets that are in individual binders for each child that provide information specific to each child’s day and developmental observations made by the teachers.
  • Classroom activities and lessons are pre-academic in the areas of literacy, math & science, art & creativity, as well as cooking, gross motor.  Focus is on giving Preschoolers more independence by continuing to increase their verbal and communication skills with others, improve self-help skills including mastering potty training, and make their own choices with awareness of those around them.  Preschoolers also problem-solve more and learn appropriate behavior and how their behavior and words effect other people and things while experiences the consequences of those actions.
  • Staff/child interactions include conversations with open-ended questions, listening, following directions, singing, reading, laughing, and playing.
  • Developmental assessment specific to Preschoolers.

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