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Our program

  • Knowing how busy life can be, at SB Afterschool Care, our emphasis is on having a safe, positive, relaxing, and fun environment at the end of the school day and on getting homework done before family activities begin after pick up time.  On out-of-school days, fun activities are planned as well as off-site fieldtrips.
  • During the summer months, we offer two locations for Camp SB where children are placed in groups Kindergarten grads thru 2nd grade, 3rd to 4th grade and 5th to 6th grade.  The emphasis for summer camp is to provide a safe, fun-filled environment where all children can make lasting friendships full of incredible memories. Engaging and interesting activities are planned with input from the children that include swimming twice per week at the Lenexa pools as well as weekly off-site fieldtrips and/or onsite presenters.
  • At every school age program staff/parent daily conversations take place to insure that parents keep informed and that we are meeting the needs of their children.  In addition, newsletters and emails provide information pertinent to the program and the children.
  • At every school age program, staff/child interactions take place with one-one-one and group conversations.  The children are encouraged to provide input and ideas about activities, fieldtrips, and events.  In addition, staff understand that they are role models to the school age children and spend a great deal of time participating with the children as they play games, work on puzzles, create art, do homework, problem-solve, and work through challenges that come up in their daily lives.

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