special beginnings

Our program

1 – 2 ½ Years

  •  While being mindful of each toddler’s needs, development of classroom routines such as consistent times for snacks & meals, napping, outdoors, and play.
  • Staff/parent conversations informing the parent about their toddler’s day and Daily Information Sheets  for each child that provide information specific to each child’s day and developmental observations made by the teachers.
  • Classroom activities & lessons focus on toddler cognitive and physical milestones such as increasing verbal skills, self-awareness, social interactions, self-help skills for eating & dressing, walking & running. Older toddlers begin potty training when appropriate.
  • On-site presenters who educate & entertain.
  • Staff/child interactions that include back & forth communication, listening, early problem-solving, reading, singing, laughing, and playing.
  • Developmental Assessments specific to Toddlers.


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